hello tpp users

i had made this page 2 months ago (aug 18th) when some friends on a discord asked me on discord how i made those shitty real betah shitpost images i kept posting in their discord so i set up a page to show them how to make betah descar real
i used cropped tpp assets at the time and thought nothing of it since nobody is being hurt when you make a meme, right?
some moderators on tpp told me about asset stealing so i cut it out of the spritesheet i used and stopped using the assets, no big deal right? but then i quickly got bored of making the memes and never updated the guide or anything on my website really (my mistake, i admit) i never posted a link to this anywhere other than a late night conversation on blockland content creators, so i can only imagine the person that found this was someone thirsty for block game drama
sorry tpp :(((
i'd like to know how the person who found this page found it, anyways? old link? weird neocities page directory page?
if you're wondering what was on this page before: nothing worthwhile